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Like you, we’re business owners. we ran ours for years before we realised it was actually running us. That’s when we started searching for business solutions — implementing some processes that worked, and discovering others didn’t.

Our journey uncovered growth systems that enabled us to scale our family business beyond what we’d ever thought possible.

We experienced mergers, acquisitions, staff growth, revenue growth and, personal growth. We were so impressed by some of the strategies utilised that we’ve now dedicated ourselves to passing on the knowledge to other business owners. One of our biggest lessons: you can’t grow alone.

Above: A trip down memory lane

Jeni Clift

Professional eos implementer
business & leadership coach

With a background in the corporate world including at KPMG, NAB and Morgan & Banks and as a co-founder of an award-winning business, Jeni brings a wealth of experience paired with unwavering dedication.
Jeni's passion has consistently revolved around empowering people, driving her commitment to fostering environments where teams are nurtured and empowered to succeed and thrive

Nick Clift

business coach
sales professional

As a seasoned business coach, Nick brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to his practice. With a track record of starting, acquiring, and merging ventures like Otto IT, he guides clients with a passion for problem-solving and a visionary mindset. Nick's coaching philosophy emphasizes innovation and growth, empowering clients to overcome challenges and achieve success in today's dynamic business environment

Above: Jeni facilitating a workshop for EO (Entrepreneurs' Organisation) Sydney Chapter
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Our original venture, DWM Solutions, now rebranded as Otto IT, began as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) rooted in the Aussie adage, 'Don’t Worry Mate'. At its core, we alleviated the burdens of technology management, allowing clients to focus on their core business functions. This ethos has evolved into Tenassia, where we continue to lighten the load for business owners, enabling them to excel in their areas of expertise. Through tailored solutions such as EOS, we assist in building traction and facilitating growth, empowering you to realize the vision you had when you first embarked on your entrepreneurial journey

Jeni clift. professional eos implementer